• Software Solutions

    Ativa Interactive develops easy-to-use financial planning software, website content and calculators for financial advisors, institutions and employee financial education providers. 

    Ativa software is both powerful and intuitive so Advisors can spend less time learning software and more time with their clients.

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  • Infographics

    Communicate your message with Infographics. 

    These graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge allows you to easily explain both complex and everyday topics, to encourage discussion and a call to action.

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  • Financial Calculators

    Add instant interactivity to your advisor or corporate website with customized web calculators. All calculators are easy-to-use and allow clients enter different scenarios to personalize their results. Educate and reinforce with easy-to-use “what-if” scenarios.

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Recent Articles

Reality Check for Pre-Retirement Clients

Many of your clients may be moving into retirement soon. While it may be much anticipated, it will be a big change for many. As an advisor you can help. Read more about how your clients may need a reality check.

Consent and Anti-Spam

On July 1, Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) will come into force, with the goal of decreasing the amount of spam, or unwanted messages, Canadians receive through electronic means. Read more about how the legislation will have an impact on how you communicate with your clients and market your practice through digital channels.

Tax Freedom Day 2014

After accounting for all taxes, the average Canadian family in 2014 will pay on average $43,435 of their annual income celebrating Tax Freedom Day on June 9th.

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Featured Calculators

Taxes and Investment Income

There are three different types of investment income – interest, dividends and capital gains. When investing outside an RRSP, it’s important to understand how each of these is taxed. Try this calculator to see the difference taxation makes.

Financial Health Checklist

Certain life changes should serve as reminders that a financial check-up is in order. Use the checklist to help get your financial health in order.

Estate Planning Checklist

Estate planning is the process of structuring your personal and financial affairs so that, upon death, your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Use this checklist to get your estate plan on track.

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